Bishamon vs Noelle

Bishamon is a powerful war goddess so her abilities are nothing to sneeze at. Her attacks have a very wide range and so it’s difficult to avoid her for very long. That said, Noelle is certainly up to the task. Her speed is incredible and it will be the biggest asset against a foe like this. Bishamon will be unable to land her attacks consistently and so her health will rapidly deplete while Noelle stays in good fighting shape. Noelle wins.

Kazuma vs Bishamon

Kazuma is a very loyal retainer and someone who has done his job well but at the end of the day he won’t be doing much against Bishamon. She is the true fighter in the series and has an absolute advantage here. She is both stronger and faster. She has a whole lot of weapons at her disposal while Kazuma is pretty much on his own. His border lines aren’t nearly strong enough to stop someone on this level. Bishamon wins.

Bishamon vs Grace Harper

Grace Harper is a strong fighter but she’s not ready to fight a god like Bishamon. Bishamon’s attack strength is out of this world and she’s fast enough to land her hits before Grace can even do anything to react. Grace has enhanced durability but nothing on a level where she would be able to tank these hits for long. Her avenues to victory will be covered. Bishamon wins.