Boa Constrictor vs Anti Monitor

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 A Boa Constrictor is a pretty cool snake. Definitely not one that you want to mess with and it has great power. You would need great power in order to crush a person like that. That being said, Anti Monitor is in a class of his own. He can fire powerful energy blasts and is quite huge. A single blast would take down the planet and end this fight. There’s no way he could take a loss here. Anti Monitor wins.

Boa Constrictor vs Rattlesnake

It’s time for a battle between two tough snakes! Boa Constrictors are fairly long and their way of defeating other fighters is rather iconic, but Rattlesnakes have a pretty fun gimmick as well. The size can really vary depending on exactly what snake we’re talking about, but the Boa is usually larger. I would give him the edge because squeezing an opponent is more effective than letting out some noises. Boa Constrictor wins.