Mori Jin vs Daewi

Daewi has returned but he won’t be doing anything against Mori Jin. At this point Mori is faster and stronger than Daewi. He’s always been the better fighter in terms of technique as well so that makes this a quick win. Daewi’s abilities are impressive to be sure, but they just aren’t enough for him to climb up to Mori’s level. Mori Jin wins.

Mira Yu vs Daewi

Mira and Daewi are Mori’s two teammates so you can think of them as rivals to an extent. Both of them want to contribute to the team as much as possible. By the end of the series both of them have got tremendous power but I would give Daewi the edge in the end. His punches are just too powerful and Mira would have a tough time trying to get through the natural forces ability. Daewi wins.

Daewi vs Taek Jegal

Taek Jegal was one of the most powerful GOH characters early on but at this point he has definitely been surpassed by several characters. Daewi is one of them as the guy has really ended up becoming a true threat. His fists would be able to destroy Taek in a single blow to the point where the guy would not be able to regenerate. Daewi’s barriers would also be too formidable for Taek to break through with pure power. Ultimately this wouldn’t even be close. Daewi wins.

The God of High School

I should probably create a category for Manhua/Webtoons at some point but for now I’m putting this in the manga category as a place holder. I’m finally caught up with the series just as it’s about to end. It’s been a great journey and the series holds its own with the all time greats. I’ll have a review up for this series as soon as it ends.

Overall 9/10