Defensor vs Krang

Suggested by Sonic Defensor has some really good armor and it is hard to destroy in a straight up fight but he doesn’t have much ability beyond that. Krang can spam endless lasers and high tech weapons that would take their toll. Defensor would have no way of closing the distance between them and ultimately that is what would spell out his defeat. Krang wins.

Defensor vs Decreator

Suggested by Sonic The Decreator is a being of limitless power who is slowly destroying the universe even as we speak. The Doom Patrol just punked the guy by making him so slow that nobody will ever notice it. Decreator is pretty abstract and won’t be able to do much here. Meanwhile Defensor’s shield is made of vibranium and a good swing of that would deal a lot of damage. With no way to fire back, Decreator will eventually be vanquished. Defensor wins.

Defensor vs Ironman

Defensor has made his way into the blog! He’s a tough guy when he wants to be, but he can’t take on Ironman! Ironman has his unibeam, but even without it, I think he could win in a hand to hand fight. He’s a lot faster than Defensor and knows how to land a solid punch. Ironman wins.