Gareth (Megaman) vs Skarmory

Suggested by Anonymous Skarmory is definitely a pretty tough fighter, but I have my doubts on how effective he would be against Gareth. Gareth is a pretty strong maverick and was one of the final bosses of his game. His attacks are simple but deadly as he chases you down with his powerful javelins. Skarmory is quick and has a good amount of long range attacks, but ultimately they will all be stopped by Gareth’s shield. Gareth’s also very durable so he can endure as many attacks as needed until he secures the win. Gareth (Megaman) wins.

Gareth (Megaman) vs Kyojuro Rengoku

Gareth is a pretty powerful Megaman X enemy. I wouldn’t say he’s top tier or anything like that, but he’s got a balanced moveset. It won’t really do a whole lot of good against someone like Kyojuro though. Kyojuro has incredible amounts of super speed and strength at his disposal. His breathing techniques will also ensure that he is always one step ahead of Gareth. In a battle of blades Kyojuro simply won’t lose. Kyojuro Rengoku wins.

Gareth (Megaman) vs Kamek

Suggested by Anonymous Kamek is a fairly cunning minion of Bowser, but she doesn’t have enough actual power to try and steal a win here. Gareth is a very disciplined fighter and will be prepared for any sneak attack. Once Kamek is forced into a straight up fight she will be completely doomed. There is just no way that she can hope to stop Gareth while he only needs one good shot to take her down. This is why it is difficult to stop opponents who possess both a weapon and a shield. Gareth (Megaman) wins.