Great Moth vs Yakon

Suggested by Destroyer The Great Moth is a pretty strong Yugioh monster. While he may no longer be known as one of the “Strongest Yugioh monsters ever!!!!” he is still a force to be reckoned with. Yakon also died very quickly in DBZ which has led to many doubters. I think Yakon has enough energy left in the tank to take on this Moth though. Don’t underestimate his pure speed and power. Even Goku had a hard time dodging him. Yakon wins.

Two Headed King Rex vs Great Moth

The Two Headed King Rex is doomed if we just look at the base stats for the two cards, but luckily stats don’t tell the full story. The Great Moth is stronger and he’s known as a trump card, but the Two Headed King Rex can launch a good bite if he needs too. I think his attacks would deal just as much damage as the Great Moth’s and he’s a better fighter. The Great Moth just isn’t meant to be a close range fighter and I think he loses this match. Two Headed King Rex wins.