Luud vs Yakon

Suggested by Sonic Yakon always had the potential to be a pretty great DBZ villain but unfortunately Goku took him out before he could ever really show off. Luud’s in a similar case since we never got to see his ultimate power but his normal form was still quite strong. I have little doubts that he would be able to handle Yakon here. A few good blasts will do the trick. Luud wins.

Great Moth vs Yakon

Suggested by Destroyer The Great Moth is a pretty strong Yugioh monster. While he may no longer be known as one of the “Strongest Yugioh monsters ever!!!!” he is still a force to be reckoned with. Yakon also died very quickly in DBZ which has led to many doubters. I think Yakon has enough energy left in the tank to take on this Moth though. Don’t underestimate his pure speed and power. Even Goku had a hard time dodging him. Yakon wins.

Mrs Brief vs Yakon

Mrs Brief is back, but it will only be a…Brief return! She won’t be able to take Yakon down for the count because she lacks his raw power and exceptional speed. Yakon may have been humiliated by Goku, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is an opponent to be feared. He definitely achieves victory with a solid punch and rises up the blog ranks. Yakon wins.

Goku vs Yakon

Yakon finally makes his debut in the blog. He’s a fearsome fighter who is feared across the cosmos. Of course Goku is a Super Saiyan who has made it to his 70th fight. A true honor for any blog fighter. With one Ki Blast Goku could finish off Yakon pretty easily. Yakon is just not in the same league as Goku. Goku wins.