Luud vs Yakon

Suggested by Sonic Yakon always had the potential to be a pretty great DBZ villain but unfortunately Goku took him out before he could ever really show off. Luud’s in a similar case since we never got to see his ultimate power but his normal form was still quite strong. I have little doubts that he would be able to handle Yakon here. A few good blasts will do the trick. Luud wins.

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy vs Luud

Suggested by Sonic Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy is good at inspiring faith in his subordinates, but when it comes time to fight he isn’t the best combatant. He was able to keep Goku at bay for a second, but that’s not too impressive. Meanwhile Luud was able to take a Kamehameha to the face with little damage. I don’t think Mutchy Mutchy would really be able to deal any damage here and you can’t win without doing that. Luud wins.

Jidanbo vs Luud

Suggested by Sonic Jidanbo is a fairly powerful fighter. His physical strength isn’t his only asset as his weapon provides him with a long reach. That being said, Luud is simply on a different level. His durability will allow him to endure all of Jidanbo’s attacks and one blast from one of his big lasers would be enough to take Jidanbo out for the count. In this round of machine vs man, it appears that the robot had the edge. Luud wins.

Goku vs Luud

Luud may be tough, but he’s no Goku. Goku has the kamehameha which could destroy whole universes with a single blast. Luud has his energy attacks all right, but they aren’t quite as deadly. Goku could take him out in one shot. Luud may have dropped for now, but he’ll be back. Goku rises again. Goku wins.