Jidanbo vs Luud

Suggested by Sonic Jidanbo is a fairly powerful fighter. His physical strength isn’t his only asset as his weapon provides him with a long reach. That being said, Luud is simply on a different level. His durability will allow him to endure all of Jidanbo’s attacks and one blast from one of his big lasers would be enough to take Jidanbo out for the count. In this round of machine vs man, it appears that the robot had the edge. Luud wins.

Jidanbo vs Ichigo

Jidanbo makes his blog debut. Hie first fight is against Ichigo, so he’s basically doomed. He just doesn’t have the power that Ichigo has. Ichigo could take him down with one slash. Jidanbo just couldn’t stop him. Ichigo rises in the rankings and will be back to pwn some more in due time. Ichigo wins.