Suzuko Homura vs Hirana Asu

Suzuko Homura is facing off against her successor here. While successors may usually have more hax, Hirana’s deck isn’t all that overpowered due to the team format she is used to fighting in. Suzuko has had more fighters at her disposal and has shown more trap cards. She should easily be able to overwhelm Hirana in both pure talent and raw power. She simply has the better deck. Suzuko Homura wins.

Hirana Asu vs Mikoto Fujishima

Hirana Asu is the main character of the final Wixoss season and she’s a pretty good duelist. Her deck isn’t as crazy powerful as some of her predecessors but she is still a very well rounded fighter. Mikoto’s a bully who couldn’t keep up with the rising power levels. While she makes for a fun antagonist, Hirana has never had any trouble defeating her. Hirana Asu wins.