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JP vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk is one of those guys who has fought quite a lot on the blog, but he isn’t particularly skilled or powerful. Honestly there are a great deal of characters who could take him down without breaking a sweat. JP is one of those. When he’s one with his Digimon he has far too much power and speed at his disposal to be stopped. Chunk’s diamonds just won’t be enough to make a difference here. JP wins.

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Takuya vs JP

Takuya is back and he’s ready for another win! JP may talk a pretty good game and he has a lot of chocolate bars in his arsenal, but it just won’t be enough to defeat this warrior! Takuya can transform into Agunimon and use his fire fists of justice to win the day. JP just wasn’t ready to contend with that sort of power and his thunder abilities won’t help him. Takuya wins.