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Takuya vs Bass

Takuya has fire abilities and one good shot will be enough to try and dent Bass. Unfortunately, his attack will not be successful and Bass will have to take a quick win. He’s way faster than Takuya and his power levels are much higher. There’s just no way that Bass could lose this round. Bass wins.

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Takuya vs Captain Kirk

Takuya is a lot stronger than Captain Kirk and he has definitely proven it over the years. Kirk wouldn’t be able to get a single hit on such a fighter. He just doesn’t have enough power or speed to win the battle. Takuya has dealt with much greater threats and he always seems to come out on top. Captain Kirk could learn a thing or two from him! Takuya wins.

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Takuya vs JP

Takuya is back and he’s ready for another win! JP may talk a pretty good game and he has a lot of chocolate bars in his arsenal, but it just won’t be enough to defeat this warrior! Takuya can transform into Agunimon and use his fire fists of justice to win the day. JP just wasn’t ready to contend with that sort of power and his thunder abilities won’t help him. Takuya wins.

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Takuya vs James Bond

Takuya makes his awaited debut on the blog and his attack power is definitely high enough to take down anyone who gets in his way. James Bond may try to act tough, but he just isn’t that skilled compared to someone like Takuya. Takuya would defeat James Bond in an instant and that would be the end of the story. Takuya wins.