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Kurumu Kurono vs Baby Bop

Baby Bop is one of the characters from Barney that we all remember from the good ole days. The only problem is that she’s not much of a fighter and she just wouldn’t be able to defeat Kurumu Kurono. Kurumu Kurono is faster, stronger, and more skilled than Baby Bop. One good slash from her claws would be enough to end the match in an instant. After a long time, Kurumu has finally taken a win. Kurumu Kurono wins.

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Zoro vs Kurumu Kurono

Zoro has sword skills that he can use to defeat this character in one hit. Now Zoro has 20 wins and is truly high in the blog. Not many characters have ever cracked 20 wins and most never will. Kurumu Kurono may never fight again. Zoro wins.