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Mirio vs Asta

Mirio has a lot of strength which he has honed over the years. Coupled with his ability to phase through objects he is a very talented fighter. That will let him put up a good fight here, but he will still be unable to take on an opponent as fierce as Asta. Asta has tremendous levels of speed at his disposal and he can really dish out the pain. In terms of physical strength I’d likely give Asta the slight edge as well. He’ll never give up and that’s bad news for his opponents. Asta wins.

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Mirio vs Jaden


Mirio is another character who believes that he is a hero until danger strikes. That’s when he shows his true colors and his resolve is definitely quite weak. Jaden could take him down no problem with a few card combos. Jaden’s got a really strong resolve and makes for a great hero. Mirio’s fancy intangibility and mild super strength just won’t be enough to help him out in this fight. Jaden won’t even need his Elemental Heroes to win this round as he has his Neo Spacians and Supreme King powers to see him through. Jaden wins.