Momo vs Ridley

Ridley is a powerful space pirate who is both powerful and tactical. Momo in comparison is essentially an ordinary creature who does not have a whole lot of combat capabilities. I think the answer here is pretty clear. Ridley just needs to fire off a few fireballs and then use his speed to get Momo in a corner. With his options pretty limited as a result all Momo will be able to do is surrender. Ridley wins.

Cinder vs Momo

Momo is a tough little animal who is always around to brighten up someone’s day. That being said, nothing Momo can do is as impressive as Cinder’s high speed fire attacks. Cinder will certainly have the edge in combat and has been shown to be a very skilled opponent time and time again. She would likely be able to defeat Momo in hand to hand combat without even needing her semblance. Cinder wins.

Pabu vs Momo

Suggested by Eric Pabu and Momo are the two animal mascots from Legend of Korra and Avatar The Last Airbender. Neither one of them are particularly skilled fighters, but they can certainly deal some damage in a pinch. What I’m saying here is that you shouldn’t underestimate them. That being said, I think it’s safe to say that Momo has the edge. He is surprisingly strong despite his small size and can lift fully grown humans off the ground. It’ll be difficult for Pabu to match that feat. Momo wins.