Professor Ivy vs Gill Man

Suggested by Destroyer This may be a bit surprising but Professor Ivy actually gets rocked in this one. She was never shown to actually have any Pokemon fighters and as a result she wouldn’t be ready for the Gill Man who does have a little super strength. He’s not the fastest fighter out there but he also has some good durability so at the end of the day the issue that Ivy will run into here is that she has no real way to put the Gill Man down for the count here. It would be all over for her. Gill Man wins.

Professor Ivy vs Ash

Professor Ivy makes her debut fight. She’s not much of a fighter and would get beaten by Ash pretty quickly. He has a lot of pokemon at his disposal and can take many opponents down. Ash rises up the ranks yet again with this win and will be back shortly. Professor Ivy may have lost her debut fight, but one day she may return. Ash wins.