Red (Transistor) vs Noelle

Red is a fighter who certainly grew more and more skilled as the game went on. That being said, she never improved to a level where she could hope to defeat someone like Noelle. Noelle has her Valkyrie armor which greatly increases her speed and strength. Her water magic was already formidable so in this form she is truly an impossible fighter to deal with. Red would not be able to counter any of her more powerful moves. Noelle wins.

Red (Transistor) vs Akito Sohma

When I think of Red I definitely think of the Pokemon character. This one is fairly obscure but a good lead all the same. She may not make the right decisions all of the time but she did a good job of not cracking when she was by her lonesome. She handles isolation better than Akito and at least she can fight which does give her a leg up in this match. I don’t expect Akito would be able to deal any real damage especially since she can move with such great speed. Red (Transistor) wins