Sanji vs Pearl

Pearl may have some good defensive shields, but his face is still wide open! Pearl just isn’t that fast and Sanji’s also a lot stronger. Sanji just needs one good kick to do some major damage. Pearl won’t really be able to stand after even 1 good kick. Sanji’s just a better fighter in the end. Sanji wins.

Marco vs Sanji

Marco is a pretty tough guy, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Sanji. Sanji has his kicking ability and he’s always been ready for a fight. Marco’s phoenix ability comes in handy, but Sanji has always seemed like the better fighter. Maybe Marco will be back someday. Sanji wins.

Shiseru vs Sanji

Shiseru is pretty powerful, but can she hope to hold her own against someone as skilled as Sanji? I don’t think that she will be able to defeat him. His kicking abilities are legendary and his power and speed are pretty intense. Shiseru may have lost this round, but she may be back. Sanji wins.

Whitebeard vs Sanji

This match is closer than it may appear! Sanji has the massive speed advantage in this fight! He’s pulled off speed feats that I don’t picture Whitebeard ever matching. Sanji is far too good of a fighter to lose quickly, but Whitebeard does have the power advantage. It’s close, but Whitebeard takes the win. Whitebeard wins.

Vincent vs Sanji

Vincent is back and this could be a tough match for him since he’s fighting one of the strongest cooks around! Sanji has pretty good speed and power which makes him a tough fighter, but in Vincent’s Chaos mode his speed is even greater. He also has a gun that shoots blasts of unimaginable power. It would be too much for Sanji. Vincent wins.