Shin Asakura vs Doom

Shin has a lot of good assassin techniques but those won’t be enough to stop a true warrior like Doom. Doom can move faster than Shin can see him and so that defeats the advantage of being able to read minds. Doom only needs one really good attack to take Shin out and that is going to happen very early on. Doom wins.

Shin Asakura vs King Rhoam

King Rhoam is a powerful fighter and he’s definitely got a long reach with his blade but it will not be enough in this battle. Shin still has the edge thanks to his incredible speed and there isn’t much that King Rhoam would be able to do about that. With a little more magic or a slightly stronger move then King Rhoam could potentially win this battle with stamina but right now I don’t think he has the defenses to endure Shin’s strikes. Shin Asakura wins.