Cygnus Wing vs Batwing

Suggested by Destroyer Batwing is a pretty good fighter and I always liked his armor. There are so many Bat characters around that I can understand if people find him a bit redundant but Gotham is so dangerous that you do effectively need an army of vigilantes to keep the order. That said, he doesn’t have any powers and a suit isn’t going to be enough to take down someone like Cygnus Wing. Batwing won’t be able to keep up with the guy’s speed. Cygnus Wing wins.

Cygnus Wing vs Wile E Coyote

Suggested by Destroyer Wile E Coyote is a tricky foe because he is very dedicated. The guy just keeps on going and going until he finally has the Road Runner on the ropes so you can’t say that he isn’t dedicated. That being said, it takes more than willpower to stop someone like Cygnus Wing. Cygnus is pretty good at strategy too and his fighting abilities are on point. Wile E would go down after a quick speedblitz. Cygnus Wing wins.

Cygnus Wing vs Bedtime Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Cygnus Wing can fire off little feather projectiles but don’t let the size fool you. These things pack a punch and would quickly defeat the Bedtime Bear. Bedtime Bear is good at getting his ideas across, but he isn’t particularly good in a fight. I don’t see him lasting for very long here and ultimately he will just have to surrender or face defeat. Cygnus Wing wins.

Cygnus Wing vs Rhinestone Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Cygnus Wing is not one of the more popular Megaman characters, but he’s managed to get some wins lately and is starting to move up the ranks. Rhinestone Goomba has had the opposite fate here as he takes loss after loss. He seems like a reasonable character, but he needs some kind of power up to have more of a fighting chance. That said, it would take a lot for him to take on someone like Cygnus considering that this villain can fly at super speeds and has a great deal of strength as well. Cygnus Wing wins.

Cygnus Wing vs Baby Bop

Suggested by Destroyer Cygnus Wing is a skilled aerial fighter. Baby Bop can try to use her natural defenses to block his attacks but that won’t work for long. Wing’s abilities are too powerful and he also has the massive speed advantage. He can just grab Baby Bop and throw her into the air which would put her in a pretty bad spot. Baby Bop desperately needs some kind of power up in order to turn the tables and make this an even fight. Cygnus Wing wins.

Megaman SF vs Cygnus Wing

Cygnus Wing is a pretty sharp fighter and is about on par with Megaman SF in hand to hand ability. Luckily for Megaman SF, he has the advantage in speed and power. When you have the advantage in those 2 critical areas you rarely lose. Cygnus Wing may be back someday. Megaman SF wins.