Daichi vs Hiro

Suggested by Sonic This is actually a fairly close fight. Daichi has gone up against some of the best bladers in the world and kept going while Hiro ended up becoming a coach. Hiro still has his skills though and he has a ton of experience as well. You get the feeling that he wouldn’t have gotten disrespected in some of the matches the way that Daichi did. Ultimately I see him being able to pull out the win here and he will be able to prove that he still has the skills. It would be a close battle though. Hiro wins.

Kai vs Daichi

Daichi is very acrobatic and has some serious Bey skills but he won’t be defeating Kai. At the end of the day Kai wouldn’t even acknowledge him as a serious opponent in the two battles they fought. That’s a serious level of disrespect but also shows that they aren’t in the same league. If they were to fight now, the battle would be over in an instant. Kai wins.

Daichi vs Kenny

Kenny was never one of my favorite Beyblade characters and I have to say that the final arc did not help his case at all. He was really lowering his guard left and right. The guy definitely doesn’t have the focus or skill needed to defeat Daichi. Daichi may still be learning but he’s proven himself on the national level and would only need a few seconds in order to take Kenny down for the count. Daichi wins.