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Enrico Pucci vs Goku


Suggested by Random Enrico Pucci is another foe with time hax who will quickly be taken down a peg or two once Goku steps up to the plate. A quick Kamehameha wave will take Enrico down for he count and he doesn’t have the durability to endure it nor does he have the speed to dodge. With his speeding up time he can try to get fast enough to land a hit on Goku but obtaining that level of speed will simply be too much for him. Goku wins.

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Bass vs Enrico Pucci

Bass is back once again and he’s up against a pretty powerful opponent. When Enrico Pucci is at his best, he’s an immensely powerful character whose strength isn’t too shabby. Still, he won’t be able to defeat the ultimate being in all of media! Bass is just far too powerful and he always wins. Bass wins.