Gemini Man vs Koga

Suggested by Sonic Koga has some powerful poison type Pokemon but he’s also got some good variety with other types. When you mix them all together it is fair to say that Gemini Man would be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers here. He can’t blast them all at once and then they will be able to sneak up on him. His power is good but Gemini Man just doesn’t have the speed to deal with such an army. Koga wins.

Gemini Man vs Galactic Golem

Suggested by Sonic Time for another close battle. Gemini Man is usually not seen as one of the most impressive fighters out there but he was able to hold his own with Mega Man in Gigamix and his speed was pretty impressive. Meanwhile Galactic Golem was able to take on Superman a few times over the years. It’s a classic speed vs power kind of thing. Can the Golem manage to land some good hits on Gemini before being taken down by the robot’s energy blasts. I’m definitely mixed on this but in the end I would give Gemini the slight edge just due to how crazy fast he is. Gemini Man wins.

Gemini Man vs Lazerman

Gemini Man has some pretty impressive lasers, but can they really hope to take down Lazerman!? Lazerman has his legendary disruption beam and with it he can win this round. Lazerman is one of the strongest darkloids of all time after all! He keeps on winning and winning! Lazerman wins.