Gemini Man vs Koga

Suggested by Sonic Koga has some powerful poison type Pokemon but he’s also got some good variety with other types. When you mix them all together it is fair to say that Gemini Man would be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers here. He can’t blast them all at once and then they will be able to sneak up on him. His power is good but Gemini Man just doesn’t have the speed to deal with such an army. Koga wins.

Jynx vs Koga

Suggested by Sonic Jynx is a pretty tough Ice type Pokemon that’s for sure. I would never put her as one of the toughest in her element though and taking down a Pokemon trainer is very difficult for a singular Pokemon, much less a Gym Leader. What can she really do against his onslaught of poison Pokemon? Individually she could beat almost all of them but once Koga takes out his Magmar then it’s all over. There’s just no standing up to that kind of power. Koga wins.

Ash vs Koga

Koga is a gym leader of immense power. He’s fought Ash in the past and it was a pretty close match. Koga was just too powerful….or was he? Ash has many pokemon and beating Koga should be a breeze. Koga just doesn’t have enough skills to beat Ash. Ash rises up the blog ranks with style. Ash wins.