Jay Solano vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Jay Solano is the main character of Operation Shadow and not really someone that you want to mess with. He’s a skilled fighter who knows how to use the various weapons that he has equipped. While some of those armaments are quite impressive like his tank, I don’t see the Chunk going down to this. He has gravity powers, teleportation, and can spit out diamonds at an impressive speed. Jay will ultimately get overwhelmed and would need some super powers to hold his own. Chunk wins.

Jay Solano vs Sonic

Jay Solano is a pretty fierce fighter, but he has no chance of defeating Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic is known as the Blue Blur and he’s definitely earned the title. He could run around the block and through the streets before Jay Solano even has a chance to blink. Jay Solano just isn’t ready to fight this planet destroyer. Sonic wins.