Leatherback vs Godzilla

Godzilla - Mar 2014
Leatherback has returned, but this time he is facing the true King of the Kaiju. Leatherback will find that he has met his match in physical strength as well as energy output. Godzilla’s Atomic Breath cannot be nullified and while Leatherback has a lot of durability, it simply won’t be enough to endure multiple shots. Ont he other hand, Leatherback would lose in a hand to hand rumble so he is doomed either way. This is why Godzilla has kept his throne at the top of the Kaiju food chain for so long. Godzilla wins.


Leatherback vs King Kong

Suggested by Destroyer With King Kong’s new film nearly upon us, it felt like an appropriate time to dig up one of his battles from the vault. He is certainly a powerful individual and has grown quite a bit over the years, but that may not be enough to overcome Leatherback. Leatherback has an EMP blast, but it won’t do much against King Kong so this will come down to a fist fight. Neither fighter is all that fast so this will really be a flurry of blows from both sides until one of them is down for the count. I believe that Leatherback’s strength is superior in this round and that he will ultimately take the win. Leatherback wins.