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Hirudegarn vs Maria Hill

Maria Hill has a gun, but it won’t be enough to stop a super monster like Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn has taken on guys like Goku and pals in the past and with a single shot he was able to deal serious damage to a super saiyan Vegeta! Bullets won’t be stopping this powerful monster. Hirudegarn wins.

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Maria Hill vs Ultron

Maria Hill is back and this time she’s taking on Ultron! Ultron has some pretty strong lasers at his disposal, and his hand to hand isn’t too shabby. Maria Hill will have a tough time trying to pierce his armor. I don’t think she can win this round, but at least she tried. Ultron wins.

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Maria Hill vs Ironman

Maria Hill makes her blog debut! Sadly for her it’s gonna start off with a loss. Ironman’s far too fast and powerful for Maria Hill to keep up with him. Maria Hill is pretty much a normal human and her weapons aren’t exactly the most impressive. Maybe she’ll win her next round. Ironman wins.