Blue Mary vs Mary Marvel

Blue Mary is a skilled hand to hand fighter who can even use energy to amp up her attacks. As such, she is not a fighter that you can afford to underestimate in a street fight. At the same time she isn’t quite ready for Mary Marvel’s attacks though. Mary is considerably faster and more powerful than Blue Mary. MM has strength the likes of Shazam, she would be able to win this with a single punch once she connects and with her speed that should be easy. Mary Marvel wins.

Mary Marvel vs Raven

Suggested by Sonic Time for a battle of DC’s heroines. Raven and Mary Marvel are both exceptionally powerful. Given enough time there are few limits to Raven’s shadow abilities. At her best she can even disregard the mantra for some moves but it won’t be enough here. At the end of the day superior physical stats will trump shadow hax each time. Mary Marvel is a lot faster and stronger than Raven. A single shot delivered directly could very well take Raven down for the count. Even if it doesn’t Mary will be able to follow up with other blows in an instant. Mary Marvel wins.

Supergirl vs Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel is one of the stronger DC heroines and definitely shouldn’t be underestimated in a fight. She will give the Battle her all but the same can be said for Supergirl. I’d give her the edge in strength as well as speed. Not to mention that Supergirl has more combat experience as well. In a battle of heavyweights like this one, every slight edge is massive. Supergirl wins.

Demona vs Mary Marvel

Suggested by iKnowledge Time for a milestone! This is the blog’s 17000th Post!! It’s a double debut as Mary Marvel finally gets to enter the fray. Her first opponent is no lightweight either as Demona has a considerable amount of super strength at her disposal. That being said, I’d still consider Mary Marvel to be on a higher level here. She is quicker and her Black Adam form was also quite powerful. Demona can’t outlast Mary Marvel when it comes to endurance and Mary’s blows will simply hit a lot harder. This is a recipe for disaster for Demona. Mary Marvel wins.