Blue Mary vs Mary Marvel

Blue Mary is a skilled hand to hand fighter who can even use energy to amp up her attacks. As such, she is not a fighter that you can afford to underestimate in a street fight. At the same time she isn’t quite ready for Mary Marvel’s attacks though. Mary is considerably faster and more powerful than Blue Mary. MM has strength the likes of Shazam, she would be able to win this with a single punch once she connects and with her speed that should be easy. Mary Marvel wins.

Lady Vic vs Blue Mary

Suggested by iKnowledge Lady Vic returns in this battle but her luck won’t really be any better. The issue for her here is that Blue Mary can increase her fighting power by enhancing each blow with Ki. Furthermore, she can lift any opponent no matter the weight due to her ability so she has a degree of strength as well. Vic can injure Mary if she lands a blow since Blue Mary has no noticeable defense feats but that won’t be happening. Mary’s expertise in hand to hand combat in addition to her energy blows means that she will not be losing this battle. Blue Mary wins.