Adam Strange vs Blue Mary

Suggested by Sonic Blue Mary is a skilled hand to hand fighter and definitely has Adam outmatched in that area. That said, she has no good long range options while Adam has his jetpack and a lot of good energy guns. The reason he wins this one comes down to the fact that she should have a very difficult time even getting close to him while Adam should be able to outmaneuver her and keep on blasting with that gun of his. She will eventually be getting tagged at some point and doesn’t have a ton of durability so this is her fight to lose. Adam Strange wins.

Adam Strange vs Smoker

Smoker is a Logia type so dealing any damage to him is incredibly difficult. He can just turn into smoke at any point and that tends to be the end of the match. Adam Strange has a lot of gadgets at the ready but they won’t be enough to turn the tide here. Smoker is just too fast and as soon as he lands a good hit that will be it. Adam just wouldn’t be able to turn the tides at that point and would quickly suffer defeat. The only way he can hope for a comeback in the future is to get much faster. Smoker wins.

Khan (Star Trek) vs Adam Strange

Suggested by iKnowledge Khan has enhanced strength and other physical abilities which makes him a dangerous foe to go up against. Adam Strange has his Raygun and other sci-fi tech at his disposal which will bee able to do a whole lot against Khan. Khan would definitely beat him hand to hand, but since Adam can teleport with ease that’ll make him difficult to catch. Khan will really be playing catchup here the whole time and that’s what will make things difficult for him. Adam will never be in one place long enough to get a read on him and the blasters will do the rest. Adam Strange wins.