Naraku vs Laxus Dreyar

Suggested by iKnowledge Naraku is incredibly powerful and one of the more impressive Inuyasha characters that I’ve seen. That being said, Laxus should still have the edge overall here. His electric powers are able to boost him to the point where he can keep up with Natsu and Erza in close quarters. Naraku has a lot of summons and transformations but Laxus’ thunder should keep them at bay so then it becomes a battle of brawn. In a fight like that I would definitely trust Laxus to have the edge here. He’s gone up against more powerful opponents for longer periods of time. Laxu Dreyar wins.

Naraku vs Bass

Naraku is back, but now he’s up against Bass! Let’s just say that Bass won’t put up with Naraku’s tricks! Bass is far too powerful and with a single blow he can humble any opponent. Naraku may be powerful, but against Bass he will be doomed. Maybe Naraku will be back someday. Bass wins.

Naraku vs Ditto

Naraku is a pretty powerful opponent and his attacks can be lethal. Ditto is a powerful pokemon himself, but I don’t think that he will be able to defeat him. One blast from Naraku could end this. Ditto is hardcore though and I’m sure that he’ll be back one day. Naraku wins.