Nemona vs Noelle

Nemona is an ace trainer but she’s still not going to be defeating Noelle here. Noelle’s water spells are just way too deadly on both offense and defense. They would be enough to quickly overwhelm Nemona on all sides and her army of Pokemon won’t be able to mount a proper defense. The difference in speed will be a hurdle that is too great to be overcome. Noelle wins.

Johnny Rico vs Nemona

This is a tribute to Starship Troopers. Johnny Rico may have gotten his share of wins over the aliens but honestly I wasn’t super impressed with him. He went for the rebound right away and panicked under pressure while making the wrong calls on some occasions as well. Nemona is a fiery character but one who always keeps a cool head and she would have done better in his situation. Her team of Pokemon are also very powerful so she should win this one really quickly. Nemona wins.