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Silver Samurai 2 vs Trunks

Silver Samurai 2 is back for another loss. This time to Trunks. Trunks is a pretty impressive fighter and has defeated many opponents back in the day. They just didn’t have the skills to take him on. He is a Super Saiyan after all. One big blast and the Solar System is gone along with Silver Samurai 2. Trunks wins.

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Silver Samurai 2 vs Gon

Silver Samurai 2 is back, but he’s a little outmatched in this fight. Gon can destroy whole mountains in a single punch. Silver Samurai 2 may have his sword abilities, but they’re useless against someone like Gon. Gon is just far too powerful to lose to Silver Samurai 2. Silver Samurai 2 drops down the ranks. Gon wins.

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Ichigo vs Silver Samurai 2

Silver Samurai 2 makes his blog debut. He may be a good swordsman, and may have a pretty cool armor, but that isn’t enough to beat Ichigo. It helps that Silver Samurai 2 may look cool, but Ichigo gets the cooler lines. Ichigo beats him with one quick slash. He’s just too powerful to lose here. Ichigo wins.