Whitebeard vs Trafalgar Law

Suggested by Anonymous Whitebeard hasn’t moved up in terms of strength in a long while. Meanwhile Law has been improving to the extent where I actually think Law would beat him in a fight at this point. He’s quicker and has more attack options at his disposal. That’s what will really hurt Whitebeard here. He is a good fighter straight up but he lacks speed and won’t be able to deal with Law’s teleportation and long range moves. There are too many of them to counter. Law wins.

Trafalgar Law vs Onoki

Suggested by Sonic Onoki’s particule destruction is an incredibly powerful technique but he has to land the hit first in order to claim victory. Onoki is not one of the faster fighters out there and Law can teleport with his power. So you’ve got someone that is extremely agile vs someone who is downright slow. It’s a rough matchup for Law and not one where he will be able to get the comeback in. This is game over for him. Trafalgar Law wins.

Trafalgar Law vs Bass

Trafalgar Law is back and he’s up against the immensely powerful Bass! Bass has incredible speed and power. He’ll be way too powerful for Trafalgar Law to even hope to defeat. Bass gets yet another win and continues on his journey to becoming 1000-0. It may happen soon! Bass wins.

Trafalgar Law vs Tony Tony Chopper

Trafalgar Law makes his debut appearence on the blog! He’s a pretty tough opponent, but can he take on Chopper? Tony Tony Chopper has his huge berserk form and is an expert in the field of medicine. Trafalgar Law does win this because his skills are far superior. Trafalgar Law wins.