Joystick vs Vega

Suggested by iKnowledge Joystick is a pretty powerful fighter who is good at hand to hand. I have little doubt that Vega’s pure technique is better but the fact that Joystick has super speed and energy blasts at her disposal makes a huge difference. Vega is just going to get speedblitzed here. While his reaction times can help to prevent this to an extent, Joystick just has too many options at her disposal. Once she gets serious there isn’t going to be anything that Vega can do to stop her. Ultimately he just needs a little more speed and then he would possibly be able to win. It’s a fight that goes from being decisively in Joystick’s favor to 50/50 if Vega were quicker. Joystick wins.

Zero vs Vega

Vega is a good fighter, but he’s not quite tough enough to take down Zero. Zero is an S class maverick hunter who’s destroyed more mavericks than we can count! Vega is good at hand to hand, but Zero is better at swordplay. No matter how you slice it, Vega has lost this round. Zero wins.