Daisuke Dojima vs Yoichi Isagi

Yoichi is very determined to win every soccer game that he can but at the same time his motivation has never been tested as deeply as Daisuke who had to keep on trying to prepare himself for a threat that nobody believed in for years. Physically Yoichi would dominate this match but Daisuke has a mech suit with enough power to easily conquer Yoichi and turn the tides. He’s not going to go down to a normal kid. Daisuke Dojima wins.

Yoichi Isagi vs Arthur

Yoichi is a very intense soccer player and so he’s always ready to move around. His speed will be a lot better than Arthur’s and the same goes for his determination and strength. Arthur hasn’t trained himself up the way that Yoichi has and it shows. These two are on very different levels and Isagi will win without too much effort. Yoichi Isagi wins.