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Alf vs Gremlin

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Now this is a pretty interesting one. On the one hand, we’ve seen that Gremlins are quite creative with how they fight. They’ll pull out any kind of weapon to suit their needs and they are strong enough to try and choke an adult. The more I read about Alf the less impressive he is, but at the same time he has a resistance to electricity and seems generally tough. In a one on one fight I don’t see the Gremlin being able to overpower him. It could make for an interesting fight to be sure but not one that Alf will lose. Alf wins.

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Audrey II vs Alf

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alf is a pretty decent monster I suppose. He’s not really much of a fighter though and is better at having heartfelt discussions. I don’t doubt that his superhuman strength will help a bit but I think he will be completely overwhelmed by Audrey II in the end. There’s just nothing Alf can do to fend off her unrelenting attacks. Alf would need some kind of speed boost or power boost in order to pull that off and neither one of those seems all that likely to me. Audrey II wins.