Alf vs Gremlin

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Now this is a pretty interesting one. On the one hand, we’ve seen that Gremlins are quite creative with how they fight. They’ll pull out any kind of weapon to suit their needs and they are strong enough to try and choke an adult. The more I read about Alf the less impressive he is, but at the same time he has a resistance to electricity and seems generally tough. In a one on one fight I don’t see the Gremlin being able to overpower him. It could make for an interesting fight to be sure but not one that Alf will lose. Alf wins.

Audrey II vs Gremlin

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Audrey II is a pretty powerful plant that can swallow an entire human in a matter of moments. It’s fair to say that a single Gremlin wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot against a monster like that. Their durability isn’t great as they can get hacked to pieces by a single person. Gremlins are fast, but Audrey’s arms cover a great distance which is bad news for this creature. The Gremlin is just going to be out of luck here and I don’t see any way it can mount a counter attack. Audrey II wins.

Ferid vs Gremlin

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton The Gremlins are definitely fierce monsters that you don’t want to take lightly. They are nimble and have a mean bite. That being said, Ferid is fast enough to dodge their attacks and the bites would barely even be an inconvenience to his healing factor. Ferid is just in a different class of ability compared to a Gremlin. One sword attack would be enough to claim victory. Ferid wins.

Gremlin vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake The Gremlins are back but now they have to try and deal with the shocking power of Elecman. Elecman is quick and his attacks are very destructive. The Gremlins have nowhere to hide from his relentless assault and trying to fight back would ultimately be futile. This just isn’t a very good match up for the Gremlins and they will have to suffer a complete defeat. Elecman wins.

Bass vs Gremlin


Suggested by Blake The Gremlins are feisty little creatures who never back down from a fight. They’ve appeared in many different shows, movies, and books. Unfortunately there has never been a Gremlin who could match Bass. When its one against one, Gremlins are significantly less impressive than when in a group and facing off against Bass is something that no Gremlin could ever be ready for. Bass wins.