Audrey II vs Tails

Suggested by Sonic Audrey II is a powerful plant that eats anyone in sight. Naturally that’s not someone that you want to mess with. Still, Tails has a lot of gadgets at his disposal that will make dealing with her a lot easier. Put it this way, he can just fire a few of his fire bombs from the Cyclone and that’ll end the match. There’s no way for Audrey to close the gap. Tails wins.

Audrey II vs Alf

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alf is a pretty decent monster I suppose. He’s not really much of a fighter though and is better at having heartfelt discussions. I don’t doubt that his superhuman strength will help a bit but I think he will be completely overwhelmed by Audrey II in the end. There’s just nothing Alf can do to fend off her unrelenting attacks. Alf would need some kind of speed boost or power boost in order to pull that off and neither one of those seems all that likely to me. Audrey II wins.

Audrey II vs Gremlin

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Audrey II is a pretty powerful plant that can swallow an entire human in a matter of moments. It’s fair to say that a single Gremlin wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot against a monster like that. Their durability isn’t great as they can get hacked to pieces by a single person. Gremlins are fast, but Audrey’s arms cover a great distance which is bad news for this creature. The Gremlin is just going to be out of luck here and I don’t see any way it can mount a counter attack. Audrey II wins.

Audrey II vs Ferid

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Audrey II is a tough plant who definitely doesn’t go down without a fight. It always hungers and isn’t afraid to engage in combat. Unfortunately it can barely move and has no long range options though. This means that it will be absolutely defenseless against Ferid’s speed and flurry of attacks. It’s rough being a plant without any legs. Ferid wins.

Audrey II vs Elecman


Suggested by Blake Audrey II is one of those plants that you can’t help but look up to after a while, at least as a villain. It has one motivation and sticks to it no matter what. That being said, he will be in for a shocking fight here as Elecman can easily pile on the damage and speedblitz him for days. Audrey really can’t keep up with Elecman’s techniques and has no possible counters. It’s simply Abbas matchup for him. Elecman wins.

Audrey II vs Bass


Suggested by Blake Audrey is a very interesting monster as it can barely move and has to compensate for this with hypnosis and by talking a good game. The former will have no effect on Bass and the latter even less so as Bass never gets unnerved or startled. He will simply take out the Dark Arm Blade and claim victory. Bass wins.