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Raven vs Blackfire

Raven is a pretty powerful fighter. Her magical abilities are very lethal and many would agree that she is the strongest titan. Blackfire should also not be underestimated since she was keeping up with Starfire. Her energy blasts pack a punch and her speed is impressive. Blackfire has the edge in this round thanks to her incredible physical abilities. Blackfire wins.

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Blackfire vs Anguirus

Anguirus is back, but he can’t quite win this round. Blackfire has super strength and speed. These abilities far outrank Anguirus’s. He can roar and he’s really big, but beyond that he’s pretty much out of skills. Blackfire can also fire energy blasts which helps her quick win. Blackfire wins.

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Blackfire vs Starfire

Blackfire may be about as tough as Starfire, but in the end she can’t win. Starfire has tested her might against heavy hitters like Superman. She knows the score and has more battle experience than Blackfire. Blackfire may have lost the battle….but not the war….yet. Maybe one day Blackfire will be back, but until then she’s down in the rankings. Starfire wins.