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Dimension W Review

It’s time to take a look at a recent anime. Dimension W is only 12 episodes long so it is definitely a short title. Nonetheless, it makes sure to give us some filler episodes here and there to “keep it real” for those of you who prefer not to have a big plot. Unfortunately, the show is quite terrible no matter what it tries to do and ends up making a bigger mess the longer that it goes on. While the show could have at least tried to go for a 6 towards the very, very beginning, it continued to shoot itself in the foot right up through to the very end.

This show takes place in the future. Another dimensional axis has been discovered and it has been called Dimension W. Through this dimension, Earth can now receive unlimited energy and essentially making companies like General Electric obsolete. To control this unlimited energy, towers were placed around the world and while the Earth still suffers from just about every modern day problem, lack of electricity is no longer one of them. The problem is that Dimension W can be a little unstable and that is an issue because it is what’s used to power “coils.” Think of coils as batteries that run on this new form of energy. Everything uses them now and they have revolutionized how people live their lives.

The downside of being so dependent on Dimension W is that when the energy goes out for a little while, so does everything else. Dimension W’s energy allows you to do things like enhance weapons and even travel through time. Naturally, this means that people also want to use it to further their own ambitions. In the center of all this is Kyouma. He is a bounty hunter who takes down villains, but he does it the old fashioned way. This guy doesn’t like coils because they were involved with the death of someone he knew back in the day. He gets along just fine anyway, but one day a scientist blows himself up and his robot (Mira) decides to join up with Kyouma.

Seeing as how Kyouma is a bounty hunter who also collects Coils to give to the people who hire him (Or just to destroy them) Mira figures that being around him will help her achieve her goals. Before the scientist died, he told Mira to find all of the coils for some reason. She doesn’t know the specifics, but a little thing like that won’t stop her. This is essentially the pre arc as they have a lot of adventures along the way. The main plot starts when a rich guy hires a bunch of collectors (The bounty hunters who capture coils) to go find the original numbered coil on Easter Island.

This gets personal for Kyouma because that’s where he was wrecked so convincingly that he lost his memories. It’s also the reason why his friend died. Still, he heads on over and he’ll have to fight quite a lot to get out of there alive. Especially since the other Collectors aren’t exactly team players and Salva (The rich guy) can’t be trusted. This should have been epic, but it simply wasn’t to be. Let’s start with some negatives before we talk about the characters.

For starters, this anime falls for the oldest trick in the book, the trap of fanservice. The main heroine is a robot, but she is (Of course) very well crafted so the anime constantly has her be scanned as fanservice for the show. Mix that in with a whole episode where she is stuck in a bath towel and other shenanigans throughout the show and you get some sad scenes. Salva is the rich villain who appears midway through the show and he doesn’t help matters. He uses a bind technique to inflict pain to his assistant and naturally this affects her in a specific area. Unfortunately, she has been brainwashed to the point where she still serves and admires him the entire time. It is very twisted and even more so when the show tries to present Salva as a good guy by the end. I really hope nobody actually bought that and it was going to be impossible to make him likable after his initial scene. It’s simply not going to happen.

The show is also very boring and tries to take all of the most boring cliches that it can find and merges them into a single episode. We get a mystery “thriller” where the heroes end up getting knocked into the past thanks to Dimension W and find out that people were still fairly sinister even back in the day. Another filler saga shows how a guy murders a security guy for no reason and as a result, all of his friends end up drowning. He’s left with two options, try to save a few people or save his girlfriend. (Who tripped and sprained her ankle so she can’t move) He ends up cracking in one timeline and doesn’t do much of anything while an alternate him tried to help people. Either way, they end up toast so it didn’t matter much and the guy was not sympathetic. The entire thing would have been avoided if he had not murdered the innocent security guard.

For some more context, he was trying to hide a body that his friend murdered in self defense, but didn’t have the confidence to back up her story before the cops. That’s why he decided to drown the evidence and murder someone else to increase the body count. It was a terrible story. Another boring installment to the series was the series of flashbacks that we got for Kyouma. We kept on seeing the same things time after time after time. I was glad when he finally got his memories back to we wouldn’t have to keep revisiting them. The problem is that they were still boring.

His old friend who died thanks to a malfunction of the coils didn’t feel like much of a character. She appeared and instantly fell for the main guy, but it felt forced. It was just there for our cliche romance and to make the main character have a tragic backstory. Getting stuck behind a bus somehow was also a very odd scenario that doesn’t seem all that realistic or likely. Instead of getting over it, Kyouma’s memory loss is an excuse for him to suddenly have a lot of doubts in the final episode. He’s a bad character without all that, but it meant a few more minutes of nothing happening while Mira had to jump in his mind Sailor Moon style.

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about why Kyouma is a bad main character. For starters, he is not heroic nor is he even close to that. He tries to punch Mira in the face after being frustrated at how badly he was humiliated in one case. Sure, Mira’s a robot, but she’s also a robot of a fairly young teenager and the principle of punching her in the face is quite sad. Luckily, Kyouma basically broke his wrist on the punch and decided not to do that again. He spends the entire show calling Mira names and insulting her. It’s supposed to be endearing, but I don’t think that plot line ever turns out to be endearing in the end and it just makes him look overly mean. Kyouma only cared about himself and while the show tries to prove to you how good Kyouma is deep down…I’m not buying it. He even goes into a rampage and attacks his old friend who saved his life many times over the years. That’s not being very grateful.
Mira is around for most of the series, but never turns into a good character. When she’s not being insulted or used for fanservice, we are reminded that since she is an android, she is technically fairly strong. She just never exhibits this and when she finally starts to fight more, she is outclassed by random robots who have been sleeping for decades. Yes, this show isn’t very nice to her. Even kids end up picking on her. Mira tries her best to be a nice robot and follow the rules, but she is simply too much of a pushover. She should have left Kyouma to find her own way a long time ago.

Loser was easily the best character in the show. He wants to collect the numbers so that he could go back in time and save his wife from being destroyed by the main villain. (Haruka) He has to do this very cautiously so that nobody suspects anything and gets the reputation of being a loser since he always fails his “mission” but actually ends up succeeding in his primary goal. Unlike Haruka, his motivations are ones that I can get behind and he proves to be a likable character from the start. He has a lot of plans and he treats his assistant (Elizabeth) with respect. The two of them make for a good team and since Elizabeth is a kid, it’s easy for her to go places without arousing suspicion.

As good as Loser is though, he’s only human. That puts him at a bit of a disadvantage when up against guys with powers like Kyouma (Mild super physical stats) and Albert. He has gauntlets which can amp up his physical power and he has some fire tech as well, but most of it is never shown. His only big fight in the series is completely off screen and he decides to let his guard down when fighting Haruka and gets crushed. He goes out in a very anticlimactic way which was disappointing. Despite all that, he was easily still the best. Personality trumps combat results after all.

Albert (How is this is name? Either the dub changed it or my memory is really out of whack. The name also doesn’t really fit the character imo) was my second favorite character. He’s a nice guy who works for the government. This often puts him at odds with Kyouma even though they don’t need to be. Kyouma just likes to stir up trouble for no good reason. Albert is a good fighter and an excellent sniper. He was one of the only survivors of the tragic mission due to his impressive skills. It can be hard to understand what his stake in the whole matter is since he treats everything like a game, but at the very least he seems to have heroic intentions/goals.

Haruka is the main villain and he fills all the stereotypes of “Evil Mad Scientist” 101. He wants to change things to prove that his teacher’s invention was actually awesome. It was taken by the government so Haruka decided to use the original Coil to destroy everyone, but the heroes stopped him. Luckily, he was able to keep on existing within dreams so he traveled through dreams into the present time and reclaimed his throne. He decided to use this strategy to do the plan all over again. He wasn’t ready for a positive dream though, which led to his demise. There’s nothing that makes this guy interesting at all. It probably would have helped (A little bit) if he could fight, but he can’t really do that either. In the end, he’s really just a ghost from the past who gets one last laugh.

Lwai is a cyborg who meets up with Kyouma and has some cross dressing adventures for his debut. He then proceeds to get completely wrecked by KK, the assasin. He has multiple bodies so he’s okay for now, but it does show that he’lll need to train some more. He’s not tooooo bad, but the fact that he follows Salva and doesn’t realize how corrupt the guy is can be a bit much. This is the part of the show where he would typically confront his brother and remind him how to be a hero. We don’t get any of that, although there isn’t much time for it either since Salva is knocked unconscious for most of his screen time.

The other bounty hunters who arrive on Easter Island all try to be hardcore and tough, but they end up being rather shallow. I would have liked the American one a lot since he was strong and had a good design, but he also had James Bond qualities to him, which destroyed his chances. KK randomly turned out to be an inside agent and started taking them all down one by one. His method of attack was decent I suppose, but he focused so much on mind games that he forgot how to fight by the end. The two drillers also didn’t really have a purpose in the story and they were just around for laughs.

The animation for the show was decent, but not nearly as good as it seemed to think. Most of the into is about Kyouma dancing to show off how smooth the animation is, but instead it came off as rather flat. Scenes that should have been used for action were just wasted. Plus, it’s easy to look decent when the show doesn’t have all that much action. The animation is still good, but it’s definitely nothing great and I’ve seen shows a few years older that looked better like Sword Art Online.

The music was all right as well, but it was on the bland side. The only memorable theme is the ending theme. It would pop up in some episodes as they were ending. That theme was fairly catchy and did a good job of making the episode’s cliffhanger feel a little more epic, but that’s it. A whole show can’t rely on one or two good themes if the rest are super bland and nonexistent. Maybe if Dimension W had more of an idea of where it wanted to go with the whole concept, then things could have turned out a little better. As it stands, I’m glad that the show was only 12 episodes.
Overall, Dimension W just was not a good show. As you read above, it simply made too many mistakes and rare did anything right at all. Whenever a promising moment started to approach like a big fight or some kind of hype scene, it would be quickly destroyed. Loser’s big fight against the American hero? That ends without us getting to really see any of it although we still get strategic “hype” talk as the villains mentions how strong Loser is. Kyouma gets a rage mode, but it is quickly nullified because of a plot twist and it didn’t do much for the show because KK barely even tried to fight back. The time travel shenanigans ultimately had no point except to pad out the episode count and buy some time. If the show had played it straight with no fanservice and annoying characters, then this show had potential. Still, you can say that for most shows so I won’t give Dimension W any credit here. It simply failed totally and completely. Also, the show had some animal violence at the very end involving some innocent mice so that’s another problem to add to the bucket list.

Overall 3/10