Dr Satan vs Bass

Dr Satan is back, but he’s about to be crushed by Bass! One punch would be enough to destroy Dr Satan, but Bass can also just fire off an energy blast that will accomplish the job as well. Dr Satan was doomed from the start in this match and now he drops down the blog ranks. Bass wins.


Dr Caligari vs Dr Satan

Dr Caligari and Dr Satan are both pretty old and weak, but who can win this round? On one hand, Dr Caligari has some blunt objects, but so does Dr Satan. In the end Dr Satan has more blunt objects to use so he takes the win, but Dr Caligari put up a pretty decent fight. Dr Satan wins.

Dr Satan vs Wily

Dr Satan is a new fighter on the blog. Needless to say he won’t be able to take down Wily. Wily has far too many robots at his disposal to lose this round. With them he’s an incredibly dangerous fighter and doesn’t lose often. It’s been a while since he’s fought so this is a big win. Wily wins.