Captain Cold vs Guldo

Suggested by Destroyer Captain Cold is definitely a strong ice user, but he doesn’t have a lot of options in a fight. Once you get past the ice, it will be an easy win for his opponent. Guldo may not be able to blow away galaxies like other DBZ fighters, but he can still fight reasonably well and has a power level that is over 9000. Count him out at your own peril. His telekinetic abilities will also help him slow the ice down long enough to deliver the match ending blow. Guldo wins.

Guldo vs Nail

Guldo wasn’t a very impressive fighter and while he almost took Krillin down for the count; he wouldn’t be able to stop Nail. Nail moves at a pretty high speed and his attacks don’t lack power. Guldo’s time abilities just won’t be able to stop him and Nail is going to just need one good attack to end the match. Nail wins.