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Gulzar vs Duo

Suggested by Anonymous Gulzar has a Gloom at the ready, but one Pokemon won’t be nearly enough to take down someone like Duo. Duo is huge and really gave Megaman and his friends a tough battle. He has the ability to take down most opponents in a single hit and I dare say that Gulzar is no exception. Gulzar doesn’t have nearly enough power to hope to repel Duo for long or even for a moment. I’m afraid that this match will be over as soon as it is begun. Duo wins.

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Gulzar vs Ash

Gulzar is one of those kids you don’t want to underestimate! He did do pretty well when he last fought Ash, but if they were to fight now I doubt he’d do as well. Ash is just far too powerful and has many pokemon. With all of these pokemon at his disposal, Ash just can’t lose!! Ash wins.