Gyaos vs Apoo

Suggested by Sonic Gyaos is a strong Kaiju but he has no answer for Apoo’s sound attacks. They were strong and fast enough that even Luffy and Zoro got tagged with them despite having Observation Haki. Gyaos would be taking heavy damage here and won’t be able to get in close. There’s no way for him to out speed the sound vibrations and so this will be the end of his journey. Apoo wins.

Gyaos vs Bunny

Gyaos is a powerful Kaiju but tends to get overlooked next to the stronger ones. He still has one of the best designs though. Either way none of that will be enough to stop Bunny here. Bunny has super strength and moves really quickly while in his powered up mode. Gyaos won’t be able to keep up and while his defense is good enough to endure this for a while, he won’t be able to hang in there forever. Ultimately with no way to counter attack, his time will be up. Bunny wins.

Otachi vs Gyaos

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of Kaiju! Otachi is a powerful fighter from Rim and may be able to win in a close quarters fight. Gyaos has regeneration but Otachi just deals punishing blows. The reason why Otachi won’t win though is because Gyaos has that powerful energy laser which can easily cut right through Otachi or at least deal some heavy damage. It’s hard to win when your projectile (acid) is not nearly as long range or effective. There is no escape here. Gyaos wins.