Apoo vs Forte

Suggested by Sonic Forte is a pretty tricky sorcerer from the Tower of Fang. He has been shown to have some decent hand to hand abilities as well. Still, he will not be able to keep up with Apoo here. Apoo was able to take both Luffy and Zoro down at one point after all. His musical abilities don’t look impressive at first glance but it’s really hard to dodge his invisible air slices. Forte won’t have time to conjure up his spells. Apoo wins.

Luffy vs Apoo

This is a tribute to Film: Z. While Luffy may have been getting wrecked in most of the fights here at least he kept on getting up over and over again. I’ll give him points for persistence. It’s what should have happened instead of him getting completely wrecked by Apoo. Definitely one of Luffy’s worst moments in recent history. That being said, I suppose Apoo is reasonably strong in his own rights and sound related abilities are tough to deal with. Luffy’s sheer speed and overwhelming power will ultimately be enough to keep him going though. Power will outweigh sonic waves here. You just can’t stop this guy. Luffy wins.