Apoo vs Forte

Suggested by Sonic Forte is a pretty tricky sorcerer from the Tower of Fang. He has been shown to have some decent hand to hand abilities as well. Still, he will not be able to keep up with Apoo here. Apoo was able to take both Luffy and Zoro down at one point after all. His musical abilities don’t look impressive at first glance but it’s really hard to dodge his invisible air slices. Forte won’t have time to conjure up his spells. Apoo wins.

Bass vs Forte

A little known fact is that Bass was originally called Forte in the Japanese releases of Megaman. The English versions changed it to Bass. So it felt fitting that Bass should fight someone who shares the same name in a sense. Forte has some magical abilities and is a decent hand to hand fighter when pushed. He’s really not all that bad but at the same time that’s definitely not going to cut it against a fighter of this caliber. Bass wins.