Hatz vs Byakuya

Hatz is a swordsman who has always strived to be an amazing fighter. He has continued to hone his skills and it has paid off but he still won’t be touching an opponent of this level. Byakuya is just too strong. He can move so fast it’s as if he is teleporting. Hatz would not be able to react to his blade and you can’t win a fight if you are unable to tag your opponent. Byakuya wins.

Hatz vs Ho (TOG)

Ho is one of those characters who radiates red flags every time he’s on screen. I would say he’s got to be the worst character among the main ones. While he has some decent talents, they don’t compare to the rest of the cast in the slightest. Hatz can easily keep on swinging his sword at a fast enough pace to punch through Ho’s defenses. No amount of Shinsu defense will stop him for more than an instant and Ho can’t manipulate it very well to start with. Hatz wins.