Darc vs Kallavan

Darc is a Deimos so he has abilities that surpass that of ordinary mortals. That said, he isn’t ready to deal with Kallavan and the Essence of Bravery. Kallavan can easily overpower just about any attack just with his sheer strength. A single punch would completely obliterate Darc with no single trace of his existence being left behind. That’s not the kind of power you can really overcome even if Darc had 1000 years of training. Kallavan wins.

Kallavan vs Broly

Kallavan and Broly are both pure brawlers who punch their opponents into submission. It all comes down to who has the most sheer power at their disposal. I would have to give that one to Broly. The guy was destroying entire galaxies and that was before his prime. Now he’s easily universal+. As strong as Kallavan is, it’s fair to say that he isn’t close to that levels of power right now. He would go down real quick. Broly wins.