Darc vs Kallavan

Darc is a Deimos so he has abilities that surpass that of ordinary mortals. That said, he isn’t ready to deal with Kallavan and the Essence of Bravery. Kallavan can easily overpower just about any attack just with his sheer strength. A single punch would completely obliterate Darc with no single trace of his existence being left behind. That’s not the kind of power you can really overcome even if Darc had 1000 years of training. Kallavan wins.

Darc vs Chucky

This is a tribute to Child’s Play 3. When Darc isn’t saving the Deimos he is fighting giant monsters and proving his skills. Chucky wouldn’t last a minute against this guy since he couldn’t even manage to take down an army base of cadets even with prep time. Chucky means well, but Darc is definitely the guy with better strategy and tactics. Darc wins.